Sunday, June 5

Tresni - update 2

Busy weekend so far after cleaning up the whole house on thursday ready for my parents coming home from their two week holiday then had poker with the lads friday night and straight into town on saturday to see friends and my girl :)
today should be a lot slower which will be nice got lots of coursework that needs to be in but i don't know if i can get it all done Lol
anyway everyone's still busy with exams but i hope more updates soon :)

Wednesday, June 1

Tresni - update 01

Ok so we haven't posted anything in quite some time with being off for two weeks and having exams and course work deadlines i haven't had chance to organise anything as a good post :( i will try to post these little updates but i have no idea when normal posting will continue.
thanks for reading

Monday, May 16

Tresni -- Exams

Hey everyone again we have a lack of posts, too much prep for the exams this week :( I shall probably post sometime this week with some smaller posts but exams are annoying so will be busy most this week however will be posting more next week!!

thanks for understanding

Sunday, May 15

Tresni -- Photoshop Text Effects

Ok bloggers, A post about Photoshop Text effects today :D

I have been looking around the internet and found that this site is one of the best for text effects, it seems to compile many different tutorial sites into one place which is easy to look around so check it out!
Over 700 pages of text effect tutorials !
Here are some I've tried....................
This is the first tutorial I followed, a simple text effect yes but it does work really well, the link above is to the tutorial I followed to learn who to create this.

Here is another tutorial I have followed today, its good detailed and easy to follow making the outcome exactly how you want it too be

The tutorial is easy to follow, simply laid out and gives a very good result,
Here's what I made from it :D 
I really like it,You might see that mine doesn't quite look as good as the one in the tutorial that's because of the way I did it a little different.

Might start messing with Photoshop again soon but currently coursework is taking priority :/


P.S how do you like out new layout? :D

Saturday, May 14

Tresni --- Sorry

Hey all sorry for lack of posts with Blogger going down and a very busy weekend so far none of us have had a chance to fix the problems that we have now, those who saw before it went down we have a new template which took awhile to sort out which we will have to do again, im hoping we can do it ASAP so will be trying to post soon!

thanks for patience guys