Wednesday, April 27

Tresni - A long busy day

11.40 AM: Sitting on the bus on the way to Northampton university after getting moved so there could be teachers downstairs, never mind it's only a 40 minute drive :)

1.50 PM: Had a look around some of the stalls, faking interest in the universities and their courses to get free stuff out of them xD

3.00 PM: Waiting for the bus to leave, had a good day wandering around and talking to some pretty cool people :) with Ryukon right now he says he will do a post tonight so expect one from him soon!

As you can see I've started blogging using the iPod touch but as I usually don't have Internet most of the time I am writing bits during my day and posting as one blog post :)

Anyway got home with a splitting headache and the general feeling of death, so relax and rest for me tonight.
Thanks for Reading comments are loved


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Tuesday, April 26

Tresni -- Fail

It seems we have not been posting for awhile for that I apologise, we have been so busy over the last few weeks the last thing on all our minds was to write interesting blog posts for you all.
I'm going to try and find time to post soon but they won't be large interesting posts just like a general one And if I see or find something I want to blog about, I don't know what the others are planning to do so for now just keep checking back for new updates :)
Sorry again guys will try to post again tomorrow as I'm going to a careers and higher education afternoon at the local university might see something interesting there to blog about :)
Anyway that all for now
If you have an idea of what to blog about let me know on the comments :)


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Tuesday, April 19

[Imokim] Hallo

Sorry bout not being on here for the last while, been very busy.

Hope you've all been well.
I'll post some proper posts later.


Sunday, April 17

Tresni -- Tired

Surprise party at my mates house after 5 of us were basically bored and thought hmm lets go have a mini house party :D was a good laugh, drinking some booze and chilling with the lads.
Sorry for no real good post today, I am so tired I can't remember what its like to sleep haha suddenly I need sleep and am typing this with one eye already asleep.

Hope you have had a good few days!
why not comment below about your weekend?


Saturday, April 16

Tresni -- Which Browser...

There are many internet browsers around, such as Chrome, Opera, FireFox, IE and many others but the overlying question is...which do you use?

 The three i will mainly use are:

 Opera, released Opera 10 not so long ago, simple design and easy to use but has lots of additional features including messaging services, integration with other on-line resources and much more! to find out more

 Why I use it, Ease of use and its ability to handle my many many many tabs, it has an awesome feature which allows you to group tabs together and shrink them into a small group for use later. so for me i have a facebook/email folder, blogging folder, etc.

 Chrome, the newest of the three browsers I mainly use it has great loading times and using it with google products is very easy, small browser convenient for travel or small storage laptops.
More info:

Why I use it, in school ill download it as I like it more than IE and if I'm logging into my google account and not blogging im likely to use Chrome but as I said before I use Opera for daily use/blogging.

 Firefox, just released Firefox 4 to me it looks very similar to Opera I believe they may have copied some things from Opera. Anyway Firefox is a great all round browser add ons and extensions are many including easy access and control of grease monkey scripts.
More info:

Why I use, lately I've gone off using Firefox that much I guess I use it if i need to use a grease monkey script however chrome handles them just as well so I don't really have a dedicated use for Firefox at the moment.

 So do you use any of these? which do you use and why? or do you use another browser I haven't mentioned? Comment Below.

p.s I haven't added anything for Mac as I only work on PC's sorry Mac users.



Friday, April 15

Tresni -- Driving Fun!

Another driving lesson today woo :D however the roads are safe again for another few weeks as I am working next friday wont be able to have a lesson.
Anyway today I went driving around, into Asda carpark and did reversing into a parking space, got my marker point a little to far forward so i ended up a bit too far over one side but thats another lesson learned :D did end up making a little mistake nearly pulling out when someone was coming around the roundabout but he noticed so luckily i didn't cause an accident.

Hoping for a nice relaxing weekend with some nice weather (hopefully) and time with the girl should be great.

Got The Simpsons on now as I type this and its occurred to me after all this time they have had their ups and downs with some seasons being partly crappy but in the majority they have been awesome, it amazing how they still manage to come up with new ideas!

Should be posting something good soon, if you have an idea for me to blog about comment it below!
Thanks for reading.

[Imokim] The Greatest Video..Ever

Hey People!

I'm back from my DofE trip now, was pretty epic.  Pretty much all went to plan apart from it taking us a couple more hours than it should have.

Anyway, I think I just discovered the greatest video in all of internet history..
I present you...  Nyan Cat.

[Ryukon] I'm back! ♥

Hey everyone!

Back from the DofE practice expedition today, it was a hell of a lot of fun, even if my shitty bag did slice my shoulders to bits.

I'll sort a post out tomorrow, right now I'm knackered and I've got to get up in 6 hours for school. -.-

Night everyone, muchlove<3
-// Ryukon

Thursday, April 14

Tresni -- Bug bites

Bug bites already!, i swear the bugs have come out earlier than ever, my left leg alone has like 10 :( anyway sorry again for lack of content, 4 eyes away and me having not the best few days, but we should be up and running again very soon!!

Get ready for next weeks Movie of the Week and i believe the others have ideas for their own weekly posts etc.

thanks for reading,
sorry again i wish i could post about something interesting but nothing in my head right now.


Tresni -- Great day!....

Ok its a lie, not a great day.
Today i found out that someone i used to be good friends with is spreading that i kissed his girlfriend and thats why he hates me, yeah sure when i haven't seen her in like 18 months and during the time i knew her we were good mates but nothing more. Now he just spreading  it around with people hating me.

So a crap blog post today sorry guys :/
Cant think about what to post and not in the best of moods, got any ideas for what I can post I'd be glad to read it and see if I have anything to say about it.


Wednesday, April 13

Tresni -- Movie of the Week

I've decided that every week I am going to try and have a post about a new or old movie which I either am looking forward to seeing or really like.

This week the movie is........

Being a fan of cars, girls (hehe) and general action films I am quite obviously a big fan of the Fast and Furious Series, the next installment being 'Fast Five' for those who do not know the films there have been 4 before this (obviously) basically they follow the story of street racers in the US, and as I said before cars, girls and action are the key factors in these films so they are a must watch! This is why I can't wait for the next one.....

Tresni -- Pizza place problems...

Ok so was just on the phone to the local Pizza Place for some dinner and the guy who answered could hardly speak I don't want to sound racist or anything but seriously...if you are working for a pizza place answering the phone in ENGLAND but not speaking English properly you shouldn't have the job!
I had to repeat myself like 5 times and then finally the guy just passed me on to the only guy who actually speaks proper English in the place and then i got my order :D
Now I'm waiting for some nice pizza, gotta love a pizza delivered to your door and not having to really do anything haha.

Anyway sorry for the randomness of this post it just pissed me off a little.


Tresni -- Sorry Guys!

I tried to post earlier today however the stupid school had blogger blocked :/ hoping it will be unblocked for tomorrow! the randomly blocks it some days it works and is blocked later and others it works fine, stupid school haha.

Anyway 4 Eyes have gone away for two days so I'm all alone! :( sorry for those who loves their posts more than mine but I have a few things planned to try and have a good post available for you! :D
I shall be doing a big post soon and hopefully a few of you will enjoy it.

Sorry for lack of updating today!


Tuesday, April 12

Trollfetti - Imokim

Another quick update people,

A few days ago my mates left the classroom, this is pretty much what happened.
Ignore this.  (Makes the homepage look nicer :P)

I don't think he'll be doing that again in a while.

Update - Imokim

Hello People!

Hoping you are all well.
Today has been good, things went well for once xD  Still pissed about having to miss thursday, but ah well.

For the next 2 days I'm going to be on a Duke of Edinburgh course.  So, if I don't update it will be because of that.

I was thinking in the future I am going to be doing a lot of tech updates and maybe a few video reviews etc. which should hopefully help us get a bit more popular.

If there is anything you want a review of or want me to look up and talk about just post a comment in the dubilidu.

In a bit all,


edit:  Tresni has just said to me over the next couple of days he will be posting for both me and Craig.  Not really the same, but at least we'll have content.


Tresni -- Speed Run Portal :O

With Portal 2 coming soon I decided to watch some videos on Youtube about it and down the side I saw this video...Wow...seriously it looks like hax and cheats but its legit, there is NO editing of the game code or any methods of hax!

Must watch!!

See what I mean?! Yes he uses many different techniques to do it but wow it looks amazing when you watch it. He has also posted around 15 videos explaining how he did it and what he does.

Short post guys sorry, gunna try and do a Daily for today when I get home :)



A huge bee just came into our I.T class and shat a few "cool kids" up.
The teacher flicked it out the window.

Would've been funny if it came in through the next one.

Bigger post later.

-// Craig

Monday, April 11

I Mad - Imokim

Hey People,

Currently, I are mad.

I found out today that the band performance I did for the SCC Mess Dinner was the best we have ever done.  We made both of our instructors cry and because of how proud we made them, they decided to give us a reward.

On Thursday, they decided to buy us tickets to go to the Royal Albert Hall to see one of the Royal Marine bands perform..Which has to be the day that I am away.

I've seen the RM band play before and it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, and now I have to spend the day doing some stupid Duke of Edinburgh course.

Damn it life...Y U do this..


[Craig] High on life again ♥

Hey all!

Friday was spent at school, obviously, when I got home I threw my bag to the floor, ripped off my t-shirt, opened the window as far as I could and took in a huge breath of fresh air.

Actually, I sat down, booted up my two computers and spent the night livestreaming Crysis 2 and talking to my lovely girlfriend (though she wasn't my girlfriend at the time!). I got an early night on Friday because on Saturday I went to the westies in Kettering, a park where Tresni and the guys&gals chill for the day. It's only my 4th or so week that I went there but I already know so many people and had an awesome time. I got there at around 2ish, spent 2 hours chilling out, then I went to the local bus stops to pick up Andrea ♥ before walking back down and chilling out cuddling her and enjoying the sun! While we were talking about something random I asked her what she'd do if I asked her out right then! She stared at me for a few seconds before a huge grin spread across her face, and she replied with "I'd be really happy :D"! I smiled and said "Oh, ok" before laying my head down again. She frowned a little... Until I brought my head back up and said "Will you go out with me?" with a massive smile across my face! She said yes! :D ♥...

Tresni Daily Post: 04: Monday 11th April

An early daily post for me today everyone :)
normally I will wait till the evening to write them as there is more likely to be more things to blog about but as I am just stilling in the library with Ryukon I decided to do a post, no plan, no ideas, just to type whatever comes to my head.


Yeah thats failing maybe I should acutally plan something?
Any ideas?

hmm what have I been up to? being lazy and half asleep in most classes today, I should be working on a load of coursework but nah I'd rather write a blog for you.

A little news on my part, I'm hoping to get a job soon working at Rockingham Motor Speedway a few times a month, it wont be great pay or guarenteed work but hey money is money and the job isnt too bad I get to see the bikes/cars and get up close and see them, maybe even the chance of some free tickets!
Basically I will be working with another guy testing the bikes/cars before they are allowed on the track for their sound as Rockingham Speedway has sound limitations which have to be enforced which is our job, Not a lot to do and it means getting up at like 5:45 in the morning when i am working but like I've said money is money and it should be a good experience and more to add to my CV! :D

Currently listening to: Operate, Annihilate - Powerman 5000
A great band, not many people heard of them but defonately worth a listen!

Thanks for reading,


[Craig] Well, post time!

Hey guys.

Sorry about yesterday, I was going to make a long post about the weekend but ended up practically faceplanting my pillow and feeling dead.

I'm in school right now, so I can't make a very long one at the minute, actually sitting in my I.T lesson next to Tresni, Imokim had to move because the teacher is being harsh. -.-

I've got a study period next lesson, I'll have to spend about 20 minutes watching Physics presentations for Coursework but then I'll be able to move into the library and make a full length post about the hell of a weekend I had! <3

Catch you all in a bit!
Craigggggg :D

Sunday, April 10

That's Another Day -Imokim

Hello people,

That's another day over, looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Got a physics coursework thing tomorrow, not looking forward to that though.

Night people.


[Craig] Sorry guys...

Hey all,

I've been showing symptoms of Glandular Fever and I feel like total shite. If I have to have a blood test and it comes back positive I'm fucked, because I can't go to school til it's gone.

I'll post tomorrow at some point because right now I feel like I'm fighting death just to stay awake.

Catch you all later :/

My Livestream - Imokim

Hello People!

I have just added a new side blog.  At the top of the page you will see a link named 'Imokim's LiveStream'.

Clicking this will take you to a page where you can see what is being streamed from my computer, most of the time it will be games or just random stuff.

Let me know what you think.  I will post on this blog whenever I am going to start it up.


Tresni Daily Post 03: Sunday 10th April

Hey everyone, sorry i haven't posted my daily yesterday had a very eventful, fun and hot day.
Was in town early around 11am with the sun beating down and the ice cold coke laying in the field near the park with my friends and my lovely girl :D

I guess I didn't really do that much yesterday chilling in town was most of the day! my girl went to her friends for her birthday so I went to my best friends with a nice amount of booze xD playing on the N64 till around 10, by this point I hadn't even realized about the time and that i had around 30 minutes to get to the bus stop to get home and the bus stop is about 45 minutes away. In the end after calling everyone i know in the town i was in and finding i had nowhere to stay that night I had to get a taxi.
Seriously they charge LOADS! like £25 for what was basically a 5 mile drive :O
Lets just say my dad wasn't the happiest having to pay for that but at least I got home and didn't have to sleep on a bench haha. Ever had a situation like this? how did you resolve it?

Anyway today I got to see my girl for the afternoon after watching the F1 in the morning :D Vetel getting his second pole start and finish wasn't too much of a surprise to be honest it seems that this season should be a good one though so I'm looking forward to the next few races.

Now just sitting on sofa flicking channels there never seems to be anything good on TV, with like 600 channels
and nothing on, how can that be possible?!

Hope you checked out my post on the Literal Trailers, As I said in the post they are quite old but I still love them :D  Literal Trailer Post

Thanks for reading.

Comments are loved

Testing iPhone App

Hello people!

Just testing out the Blogpress app, seeing if it can help with blogging on the go. It looks pretty good so far. I'll be uploading some pics of my iPhone soon.

Enjoy today, looks like it is going to be another warm one.

Here's a quick example of my iPhone theme:


[Craig] Post numero two!

Hey everyone!

The last week has been pretty tense for me, because of various things. I made an idiotic mistake on friday that could have potentially fucked everything up for me but it didn't and I'm so happy that it didn't. Basically, not being used to change almost destroyed what I could have had. Fair to say I learnt from that mistake.

After getting home on Friday, I had "it's your fault" shoved down my throat again. So, the bitch got blocked and deleted for good. It's taken so much to make me realise she's the spawn of the devil, but hey, life's got it's challenges.

Last weekend was amazing, spent both days with a wonderful girl, didn't stop smiling! Lots of hugs, a few kisses and lots of laughter! Today made the end to the past week a lot more enjoyable, and hopefully sunday (the real today) will be just as good, if not better.

Very long story short, today (09/04/11), I took a chance and asked the girl I like out. I'll let the picture do the talking; :D <3

On another note, the stress of coursework is slowly lifting as I complete more and more of it. I'm only worried about my physics now to be honest. It should be ok if I work on it when I get back from seeing my girlfriend though!

I'm not sure what to say really other than right now I'm loving my life, and Andrea <3 I lost hope, but hope brought back it's friends. Faith, determination, and happiness. <3

I've been doing a few livestreams of Crysis2, LoL, Minecraft, the lot. Link is for anyone interested!

More detailed post later when I get back from Corby!

Now I need sleep, gotta be wonderful tomorrow! Night people,

-Craig <3

God Damn..

Hello People!

Today has been a pretty epic day.  Been customising my iPhone which now looks bloody sexy (will upload pics soon).

*writers block* (I suck at this)

Also, Cadets.  I had a band performance today, doing a drum routine for the SCC Mess Dinner and I have to say..It went well!
Until I forgot the solo that I was meant to be playing..  That kinda sucked. I remembered it in the end and it turned out pretty well.
Might upload a few vids of me playing it sooner or later, but that will be for another time.

Good night people.

Also, here's a picture of me being a cadet and stuff.


Saturday, April 9

Literal Trailers

I've blogged about these before on my old blog but have decided to have them as my first topical post and as I shall be busy all day it won't be too long.
Some of you who know me will probably know about these already as they are really awesome!

What is a Literal Trailer?
Well they are made by a awesome guy known as Tobuscus (Toby Turner) who posts them on his channel on You Tube Link here: Tobuscus You Tube Channel

Basically what Toby does is takes the trailers for popular games and films then replaces the audio with a song that as the titles say describe what is literally happening on screen, this might sound weird and if done by anyone else would probably be really crap but the way Toby does it is just amazing here are my favourite ones!

Assassins Creed Literal Trailer!

Resident Evil Afterlife Literal Trailer!

Tron Legacy Literal Trailer! :D

 These are a bit old so you've probably seen them but I thought I might aswell do a post on them as I knew I could write about it and give you a slightly good blog about them

Back soon!



Friday, April 8

Tresni Daily Post: 02: Friday 8th April

Today has been both busy and not so busy, with 2 free lessons I've managed to have a nice relaxing day.
As I said yesterday I had a driving lesson today, I can't remember how many I've had now I think about 7 or 8 starting to get more confident and enjoying the driving a lot!
Today I had to do emergency stop to test my reactions and well it's not the most enjoyable thing to do nearly hitting the steering wheel suddenly but unlike a few weeks ago I don't think I did anything really that wrong for the whole hour :D so no driving fails for you this week sorry.
Anyway another hot day guys, Hoping for a great weekend hopefully not too hot though, planning to relax with my friends in the field near the parks see the girlfriend and general chill :)

Due to the amount of coursework I'm supposed to be doing I haven't gotten around to playing any games for what seems like such a long time, however I have been reading up on the game I'm looking forward to a lot Guild Wars 2, I shall probably end up making dedicated posts about the game so I shall not go into details.

Now I'm winding up the day with a little bit of Counter Strike: Source, Haven't played it in what must be 9 months and haven't played a lot for over 2 years so I'm a little rusty haha anyways its fun :D

Thats all for now,



Well, Hello People.

Hello there people,

Let me introduce myself,  I'm Ollie, I own two of the Six eyes.
(I like that..)

I'm 17, Currently in sixth form taking Physics, Two I.T Courses and Psychology.  Pretty geeky subjects, I know.

I've got a few hobbies, I'm a Royal Marine Cadet, currently a corporal.  I'm into web and graphics designs and I've created a few websites already.

This blog should go through some updates as we are here, hopefully creating some of our on themes.

I'm looking forward to talking to you all,


Thursday, April 7

Tresni Daily Post: 01: Thursday 7th April

Today being Thursday is a good thing, one more day till the weekend! woo!! I know you all love the slow, hot, boring days at school or work but its soon time to go home and RELAX!

Currently we are working on things to post specific topics about but for now shall just be general.

College life is something that many people wont understand, you have good days, bad days and insanely sh*t days lately for me the days have been pretty good, apart from the little arogant lower years who just think its so funny to mouth off sometimes i wish i could just push them over haha.

Anyway by the time you read this i will have re-written it at least twice, and still not think it is any good.
Just finished having a shouting match with my mother what about? I have no idea, she starts something and I'm sure many of you agree you don't want to take shit so you throw it back.
Nothing really worth blogging happen today however i have driving lesson tomorrow so I'm sure ill have a story about nearly dying for you tomorrow.

Till next time.

"Hello Snake, it's been a while..."

Hey guys,

First off, I'd like to give a warm welcome to everyone visiting LifeThroughSixEyes! I hope you enjoy the trio of teen tales that we'll be producing for you all!

We'll generally post about daily life, hence the rather appropriate name, but we may even do a few of these;

Live Streams (mostly games, may expand into general streams!),
Photoshop stuff,
Our thoughts on stuff,
And much more!,

If you guys have any requests, don't be afraid to let us know in the comments, we'd be happy to comply. ;)

An idea suggested by Tresni and thought upon from me was that we have a specific topic that we must all make a lengthy post on. Again, if you guys want to see a topic, don't be afraid to tell us!

Thanks everyone, this blog definitely should be worth your time!
- Ryukon <3

Wednesday, April 6

New blogness!!

Ok guys and gals, ladies and elephants.
New blog, new start, new ideas, successful? hope so! :D

First of all I'd like to introduce myself, I am Tresni two of the six eyes.
Currently I believe I will be blogging about general stuff and interesting things I find, maybe I'll start some specialised stuff later on.
I'm a guy before people start getting confused xD, in college working in IT and well basically IT.
I spend most my time on computers working or watching youtube videos by some awesome tubers (you will get to know my favorites in time).

We here at SixEyes hope you follow and Comment on the posts we make and we will try to keep them interesting!

I believe the others will be posting a first post soon.
Hopefully this blog will kick off :D

Thankness for reading, post a comment, share with your friends, blog it! loves to all who do.