Monday, April 11

[Craig] High on life again ♥

Hey all!

Friday was spent at school, obviously, when I got home I threw my bag to the floor, ripped off my t-shirt, opened the window as far as I could and took in a huge breath of fresh air.

Actually, I sat down, booted up my two computers and spent the night livestreaming Crysis 2 and talking to my lovely girlfriend (though she wasn't my girlfriend at the time!). I got an early night on Friday because on Saturday I went to the westies in Kettering, a park where Tresni and the guys&gals chill for the day. It's only my 4th or so week that I went there but I already know so many people and had an awesome time. I got there at around 2ish, spent 2 hours chilling out, then I went to the local bus stops to pick up Andrea ♥ before walking back down and chilling out cuddling her and enjoying the sun! While we were talking about something random I asked her what she'd do if I asked her out right then! She stared at me for a few seconds before a huge grin spread across her face, and she replied with "I'd be really happy :D"! I smiled and said "Oh, ok" before laying my head down again. She frowned a little... Until I brought my head back up and said "Will you go out with me?" with a massive smile across my face! She said yes! :D ♥...

Unfortunately, she had to go early because she wasn't supposed to be out so no one saw her there at all and I was just cuddling the air. Capiche?

I got another early night on Saturday and went to Corby on sunday, to hang out with a different, much smaller group of people. I got there while my girlfriend was busy getting ready, since her friend that had stayed at her place the night before was being a penis. Most of the group just pissed off in their own directions so I walked Andrea back home after a few hours and we spent a good hour or so cuddling on the grass outside her house, talking about loads of stuff! ♥

Eventually she had to go in, so I walked all the way back to the town, got some coke from McDonalds, and waited for my mum to arrive since I couldn't be bothered waiting for an hour for the next bus. I haven't stopped smiling since the 2nd of April, well, actually, since the 13th of March!

A very long story short, I'm not suicidal anymore, and it was one hell of a journey getting out the other side alive. 9 months I lived in my own version of hell. Now I'm loving my life and I never want this happiness to end! I've got everything I want now. I'm happy, my ex is happy, Andrea is happy. ♥

Only problem is yesterday at around 7pm I started to feel quite horrible. By 10pm my entire body was aching, I had a migraine that felt like my brain was being blended, and I couldn't move because of the pain. But I still sent a 10 page text to my girlfriend :D ♥

I can't really think of anything else to say at the minute, all that's on my mind is Andrea! So, I'll give it some thought and may post again a little later in the day when I get home.

Catch you all later,
-// Craig. (:


Body1 said...

Nice BLOG man!!

fallowing and $upporting

Zombie said...

No shame in being high on life!

tylermitton said...

nice blog, im high on life too!

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