Thursday, April 7

Tresni Daily Post: 01: Thursday 7th April

Today being Thursday is a good thing, one more day till the weekend! woo!! I know you all love the slow, hot, boring days at school or work but its soon time to go home and RELAX!

Currently we are working on things to post specific topics about but for now shall just be general.

College life is something that many people wont understand, you have good days, bad days and insanely sh*t days lately for me the days have been pretty good, apart from the little arogant lower years who just think its so funny to mouth off sometimes i wish i could just push them over haha.

Anyway by the time you read this i will have re-written it at least twice, and still not think it is any good.
Just finished having a shouting match with my mother what about? I have no idea, she starts something and I'm sure many of you agree you don't want to take shit so you throw it back.
Nothing really worth blogging happen today however i have driving lesson tomorrow so I'm sure ill have a story about nearly dying for you tomorrow.

Till next time.


Zombie said...

ugh, I hate hot days. lol. but is does get really refreshing at night! :D

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