Friday, April 8

Tresni Daily Post: 02: Friday 8th April

Today has been both busy and not so busy, with 2 free lessons I've managed to have a nice relaxing day.
As I said yesterday I had a driving lesson today, I can't remember how many I've had now I think about 7 or 8 starting to get more confident and enjoying the driving a lot!
Today I had to do emergency stop to test my reactions and well it's not the most enjoyable thing to do nearly hitting the steering wheel suddenly but unlike a few weeks ago I don't think I did anything really that wrong for the whole hour :D so no driving fails for you this week sorry.
Anyway another hot day guys, Hoping for a great weekend hopefully not too hot though, planning to relax with my friends in the field near the parks see the girlfriend and general chill :)

Due to the amount of coursework I'm supposed to be doing I haven't gotten around to playing any games for what seems like such a long time, however I have been reading up on the game I'm looking forward to a lot Guild Wars 2, I shall probably end up making dedicated posts about the game so I shall not go into details.

Now I'm winding up the day with a little bit of Counter Strike: Source, Haven't played it in what must be 9 months and haven't played a lot for over 2 years so I'm a little rusty haha anyways its fun :D

Thats all for now,




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