Sunday, April 10

Tresni Daily Post 03: Sunday 10th April

Hey everyone, sorry i haven't posted my daily yesterday had a very eventful, fun and hot day.
Was in town early around 11am with the sun beating down and the ice cold coke laying in the field near the park with my friends and my lovely girl :D

I guess I didn't really do that much yesterday chilling in town was most of the day! my girl went to her friends for her birthday so I went to my best friends with a nice amount of booze xD playing on the N64 till around 10, by this point I hadn't even realized about the time and that i had around 30 minutes to get to the bus stop to get home and the bus stop is about 45 minutes away. In the end after calling everyone i know in the town i was in and finding i had nowhere to stay that night I had to get a taxi.
Seriously they charge LOADS! like £25 for what was basically a 5 mile drive :O
Lets just say my dad wasn't the happiest having to pay for that but at least I got home and didn't have to sleep on a bench haha. Ever had a situation like this? how did you resolve it?

Anyway today I got to see my girl for the afternoon after watching the F1 in the morning :D Vetel getting his second pole start and finish wasn't too much of a surprise to be honest it seems that this season should be a good one though so I'm looking forward to the next few races.

Now just sitting on sofa flicking channels there never seems to be anything good on TV, with like 600 channels
and nothing on, how can that be possible?!

Hope you checked out my post on the Literal Trailers, As I said in the post they are quite old but I still love them :D  Literal Trailer Post

Thanks for reading.

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