Friday, April 15

Tresni -- Driving Fun!

Another driving lesson today woo :D however the roads are safe again for another few weeks as I am working next friday wont be able to have a lesson.
Anyway today I went driving around, into Asda carpark and did reversing into a parking space, got my marker point a little to far forward so i ended up a bit too far over one side but thats another lesson learned :D did end up making a little mistake nearly pulling out when someone was coming around the roundabout but he noticed so luckily i didn't cause an accident.

Hoping for a nice relaxing weekend with some nice weather (hopefully) and time with the girl should be great.

Got The Simpsons on now as I type this and its occurred to me after all this time they have had their ups and downs with some seasons being partly crappy but in the majority they have been awesome, it amazing how they still manage to come up with new ideas!

Should be posting something good soon, if you have an idea for me to blog about comment it below!
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I remember the day I learned to drive... I almost crashed. :D

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