Wednesday, April 27

Tresni - A long busy day

11.40 AM: Sitting on the bus on the way to Northampton university after getting moved so there could be teachers downstairs, never mind it's only a 40 minute drive :)

1.50 PM: Had a look around some of the stalls, faking interest in the universities and their courses to get free stuff out of them xD

3.00 PM: Waiting for the bus to leave, had a good day wandering around and talking to some pretty cool people :) with Ryukon right now he says he will do a post tonight so expect one from him soon!

As you can see I've started blogging using the iPod touch but as I usually don't have Internet most of the time I am writing bits during my day and posting as one blog post :)

Anyway got home with a splitting headache and the general feeling of death, so relax and rest for me tonight.
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Zombie said...

My day consisted of the DMV...

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