Wednesday, April 13

Tresni -- Pizza place problems...

Ok so was just on the phone to the local Pizza Place for some dinner and the guy who answered could hardly speak I don't want to sound racist or anything but seriously...if you are working for a pizza place answering the phone in ENGLAND but not speaking English properly you shouldn't have the job!
I had to repeat myself like 5 times and then finally the guy just passed me on to the only guy who actually speaks proper English in the place and then i got my order :D
Now I'm waiting for some nice pizza, gotta love a pizza delivered to your door and not having to really do anything haha.

Anyway sorry for the randomness of this post it just pissed me off a little.



Body1 said...

Is an ugly thing that happens can take many people believe!!!

Zombie said...

The same thing happens here in America... NOBODY knows how to speak freakin enlglish! :(

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