Tuesday, April 12

Tresni -- Speed Run Portal :O

With Portal 2 coming soon I decided to watch some videos on Youtube about it and down the side I saw this video...Wow...seriously it looks like hax and cheats but its legit, there is NO editing of the game code or any methods of hax!

Must watch!!

See what I mean?! Yes he uses many different techniques to do it but wow it looks amazing when you watch it. He has also posted around 15 videos explaining how he did it and what he does.

Short post guys sorry, gunna try and do a Daily for today when I get home :)



Body1 said...

Nice video BRO!!

Zombie said...

I cant wait to get this game!

Claude said...

Dude nice timing, I actually just pre-ordered Portal 2 and was playing portal again, that's an amazing speed! I thought I was going fast getting through a few of the test chambers rather rapidly, just not using any tricks.

Tempted to try some of these out now, another waste of time :\

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