Saturday, April 16

Tresni -- Which Browser...

There are many internet browsers around, such as Chrome, Opera, FireFox, IE and many others but the overlying question is...which do you use?

 The three i will mainly use are:

 Opera, released Opera 10 not so long ago, simple design and easy to use but has lots of additional features including messaging services, integration with other on-line resources and much more! to find out more

 Why I use it, Ease of use and its ability to handle my many many many tabs, it has an awesome feature which allows you to group tabs together and shrink them into a small group for use later. so for me i have a facebook/email folder, blogging folder, etc.

 Chrome, the newest of the three browsers I mainly use it has great loading times and using it with google products is very easy, small browser convenient for travel or small storage laptops.
More info:

Why I use it, in school ill download it as I like it more than IE and if I'm logging into my google account and not blogging im likely to use Chrome but as I said before I use Opera for daily use/blogging.

 Firefox, just released Firefox 4 to me it looks very similar to Opera I believe they may have copied some things from Opera. Anyway Firefox is a great all round browser add ons and extensions are many including easy access and control of grease monkey scripts.
More info:

Why I use, lately I've gone off using Firefox that much I guess I use it if i need to use a grease monkey script however chrome handles them just as well so I don't really have a dedicated use for Firefox at the moment.

 So do you use any of these? which do you use and why? or do you use another browser I haven't mentioned? Comment Below.

p.s I haven't added anything for Mac as I only work on PC's sorry Mac users.




Claude said...

Those are the exact and only three browsers I have installed but I mainly use only Firefox.

I used to use Opera for a long while and during that time I had Chrome for certain things such as Mumuplayer which wouldn't work on Opera, but since Firefox 4 came out I decided to revert to Firefox which I used before Opera, now I'm loving Firefox 4 and will stick with it for some time.

Zombie said...

I must say that I am a chrome fan!

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