Tuesday, April 12

Update - Imokim

Hello People!

Hoping you are all well.
Today has been good, things went well for once xD  Still pissed about having to miss thursday, but ah well.

For the next 2 days I'm going to be on a Duke of Edinburgh course.  So, if I don't update it will be because of that.

I was thinking in the future I am going to be doing a lot of tech updates and maybe a few video reviews etc. which should hopefully help us get a bit more popular.

If there is anything you want a review of or want me to look up and talk about just post a comment in the dubilidu.

In a bit all,


edit:  Tresni has just said to me over the next couple of days he will be posting for both me and Craig.  Not really the same, but at least we'll have content.



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I wait on my BLOG!!!

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