Monday, May 16

Tresni -- Exams

Hey everyone again we have a lack of posts, too much prep for the exams this week :( I shall probably post sometime this week with some smaller posts but exams are annoying so will be busy most this week however will be posting more next week!!

thanks for understanding

Sunday, May 15

Tresni -- Photoshop Text Effects

Ok bloggers, A post about Photoshop Text effects today :D

I have been looking around the internet and found that this site is one of the best for text effects, it seems to compile many different tutorial sites into one place which is easy to look around so check it out!
Over 700 pages of text effect tutorials !
Here are some I've tried....................
This is the first tutorial I followed, a simple text effect yes but it does work really well, the link above is to the tutorial I followed to learn who to create this.

Here is another tutorial I have followed today, its good detailed and easy to follow making the outcome exactly how you want it too be

The tutorial is easy to follow, simply laid out and gives a very good result,
Here's what I made from it :D 
I really like it,You might see that mine doesn't quite look as good as the one in the tutorial that's because of the way I did it a little different.

Might start messing with Photoshop again soon but currently coursework is taking priority :/


P.S how do you like out new layout? :D

Saturday, May 14

Tresni --- Sorry

Hey all sorry for lack of posts with Blogger going down and a very busy weekend so far none of us have had a chance to fix the problems that we have now, those who saw before it went down we have a new template which took awhile to sort out which we will have to do again, im hoping we can do it ASAP so will be trying to post soon!

thanks for patience guys

Wednesday, May 11

Tresni -- Magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Lorca (southern Spain)

Quick News Update:

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has toppled several buildings in southern Spain, near the town of Lorca, killing at least seven people, officials say.

''A moderate earthquake measuring around 4.5 had hit Lorca, causing buildings to shake and damaging private houses and buildings.

Approximately two hours later, the larger quake struck near Lorca, reportedly causing the roof of a nursing home to collapse, damaging a number of other buildings and splitting the tower of the church of Santiago in the town.''

 Currently it is unknown how many people have lost their lives and how many homes and buildings have been damaged or destroyed due to this natural disaster.

It seems lately more and more natural disasters are occurring, with people being suspicous of 2012 and the 'End of the World' doesn't it seem a bit weird how all these things are happening now, and more as we get closer to the time?.

Prayers and Aide going to all those effected.
Hopefully there are no more after having two in a row the damage must be extensive.

More info Visit: 


Update: Images:

[Ryukon] Safe for work. ;)

( . Y . )

Tresni -- Movie Of the Week 3

This Weeks Movies:
Pirates of the Caribbean Series.

Everyone has heard of Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrows crazy adventures well as the new one is about to come out I thought now would be a good time to have them as Movie of the Week :)
Here's a quick overview of the series:

The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
IMDB Rating: 8/10
Blacksmith Will Turner teams up with eccen
tric pirate "Captain" Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor's daughter, from Jack's former pirate allies, who are now undead.

Dead Man's Chest (2006)
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10
Jack Sparrow races to recover the heart of Davy Jones to avoid enslaving his soul to Jones' service, as other friends and foes seek the heart for their own agenda as well.

At World's End (2007)
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10
Captain Barbossa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann must sail off the edge of the map, navigate treachery and betrayal, and make their final alliances for one last decisive battle.

On Stranger Tides (2011)
IMDB Rating: N/A
Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too.

Now with me and Imokim being big fans of the series so far we both are waiting for the fourth installment On Stranger Tides, for us in England it will be released 15th of May which is not long from now so we hope too see it soon! 
So far the films have been really good with a good storyline, action and drama within them enough to keep any audience member on the edge of their seats however I know that many people do not think the same as shown when i was researching for this post, each film the rating has gone down :( Hoping the rating will be a solid 8/10 for the new movie.

There have been rumors that another two films are possible after this one which makes me believe that we may be seeing Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow for a few more years yet! 

Personally my favorite movie of the three I have seen so far is Curse of the Black Pearl, the first one, it was such a great movie which obviously has lead into a series which has been just as good although I thought the second movie, Dead Man's Chest was the weakest of them.

You may have seen Imokim's post a few days ago about the Jack Sparrow song, if you haven't then check it out here:  [Imokim] Jack Sparrow feat Michael Bolton

Stay Tuned for Next Weeks Movie of the Week!

Tuesday, May 10

[Imokim] - New Video

Many of my posts on here are going to be videos that I make.  In this case it is going to be on recording games of League of Legends.

A lot of people have trouble when recording games because Fraps takes up a hell of a lot of space and can be troublesome if you want to record a game.  This video goes through the steps on making this task easier.

[Ryukon] League of Legends!



That sort of stuff!

I'll start with Malz right after this game, I'll get screenshots too. :D

Ryukon ♥

Rocky lyrics - The Lonely Island

I couldn't find these online yet so I just wrote them out, enjoy.

Here's a little story that I think you'll like.
It's not about Shaq or Iron Mike.
So buckle your seat belts, it's gunna get choppy and listen to the tale of the time I faught Rocky.

One day me and all my friends were hanging, talking about which of the girls was most banging.
Then one friend says 'You know who's really tough, Rocky, the boxer.'
Well, I said 'Yeah I know what about him'
He said 'He's really tough.'
No way man, I'm calling your bluff.
I think that I can take him and to prove my point, I'll challenge him in public, Yeah that's the joint.

So the very next day, staying true to my word and I snuck on TV, so I can be heard.
I said 'Rocky if you're out there I think you're a nerd
And I'll lick you and bury you like a dog turd.'

I got kicked out but the candle was lit 'cuz the people had to know if my claim was legit.
It made the headlines then I got the call..It was Rocky, and he wanted a brawl.
We negotiated terms and set the date then I went into training to add some muscle weight.
While I punched on meat in a rickedy shack he was sipping on wine having models rub his back.

At the way in, boy the tension was high. Me and Rock toe to toe and eye to eye.
I talked some trash we got pulled apart, I shot him one last look to strike fear in his heart.

Skip ahead, the big night is finally here. My body was ripped and my mind was clear.
We entered the arena to the roar of the crowd, people chanting my name, I'd never felt
so proud.
Faced off once more in the centre of the ring, touched gloves then a prayer then the
bell went 'ding'.

He hit me with a left and shattered my face then a right sent my teeth all over the place.
Then another great punch caved in my eye socket, he broke my jaw and my trainer yelled
'stop it!'
But nobody heard him and he crushed my ribs, blood sprayed off my face and onto
some kids.
They yelled out more, and Rocky obliged.
I had to think of some way to turn the tides, so I leaned back to hit him with all my might.
Took and swing but he caught me with a sucker punch right. Then a sucker punch left and a sucker
punch right then 22 consecutive sucker punch rights.

He tore off my arms and beat me with them. Then threw acid in my face which obscured my vision.
He kicked me in the leg and fractured my shin, the bone splinter shot right out of my skin, people barfed in the crowd, they were going insane. Then Rocky punched my nose bone into my brain.

I was quivering and twitching when I soiled my shorts.
Then Rocky pissed on me, customary in sports.
The doctor came out and pronounced me dead.
And that was the night I faught Rocky.

Wicky wikcy wah..


[Ryukon] School. ;_;

Hey guys,

Sitting in I.T, Imokim to my left, Tresni to my right (seems to be a pattern there... xD) and I'm boooored. We've got another 15 minutes or so of this lesson and then we've got assembly. But after that, free period! Yipee! :D

Tonight I'm going to weigh up my options, and I'll finalise a topic specific to moi :D I'm not quite sure what you guys want to see so I'll just throw something up and hope you like it!

Just a quick one to say that you get to see my lovely literature tonight. ;)

Ryukon ♥

Tresni -- Business as usual

As you can see we have finally got things back to business as usual, we are currently planning to have a number of weekly posts as well as smaller daily posts which we hope that you will enjoy reading and commenting on.

However there is some not so great news, as for the next two weeks we are off school (thats not the bad bit thats obviously awesome) but we have exams coming up very soon so I apologise in advance for any disturbances of the posts due to revising and taking the exams.

I am the lucky one as I only have my Two History Exams others have more, first one is next tuesday and second next thursday so I may post before that saying how i am likely to be failing haha :)


Anyway more posts later

Till next time


Monday, May 9

Tresni -- Curry Tonight!

As the title says, Curry Tonight! :D
Ok you've probably gathered by now that I like curry, yes i like curry, lots.
so I decided to have it tonight woooooo, with those little Onion Bhajis on the side should be very nom'ilicous.
Yes that is a word now :) Maybe I shall start a dictionary as I keep making up new words...hmm what do you think?

Anyway just a crappy little post for now welcome back to Ryukon make sure you check out his new stuff when he posts it and much thanks to those who have commented over the last few days it really has been a motivation booster to us all.

Till next time


Testing my new posting method.


Hope it works! ♥



[Ryukon] Replaced my biological battery!

Hey guys

Very sorry that I haven't posted much over the last month, I've had a lot of shit going down and I've not had much time to focus on anything else. I've literally spent the past month trying to stop my life from turning into a big steaming heap of shit. I won't disclose any details because no one cares and the sheer level of it will just blow your minds.

On another happier topic, I've got most of it under control now, and I've actually got some energy and morale back......

Sunday, May 8

[Imokim] - Jack Sparrow (Feat. Michael Bolton)

Lonely Islands new track was released yesterday.
Jack Sparrow feat. Michael Bolton.

I have never listened to anything as funny as this, me being a Pirates of the Caribbean fan and all.

Well, here it is, Enjoy.

Tresni -- F1 Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park

F1 or Formula One is a great racing championship that takes place worldwide, I believe most people will have heard of it so I won't be describing everything in detail.
Right now the Turkish Grand Prix is live at Istanbul Park (Link Below)

Live Watch
With the two Red Bull Racing drivers in 1st and 2nd the race looks let for a 1/2 finish for Red Bull however the race can change in any way so there is no real way to say for sure.

This is what I'm doing for the next few hours watching this and then I am hoping afterwards to be getting to see my girl :D I won't go all soppy like Ryukon does I'll leave the soppy posts to him haha.

Anyway hoping for a good race and a good day, sun shining, little sleep after crashing at the party last night, gotta love cooking BBQ food and chilling for most the night :D somehow we managed to spend most the night sitting on the kitchen floor which was quite entertaining.

Might do a quick post later and looking for a Movie of the week post as well.
Till next time

Saturday, May 7

[Imokim] - Now you're thinking with portals.

Not really, nothing to do with Portal here.
Instead..My new Minecraft video.

Here it is, give me feedback please.

Tresni -- Saturday's in Town

Only a small post today sorry guys, im getting ready to go into town with mates today and might be going to a party after so i doubt i will get around to making another post unless its from my phone.
Every Saturday the group goes into town we don't really have any plans we all just turn up and what happens happens :D it's a lot of fun and just great to hang out with everyone but lately a lot more people have been coming who we call 'the new lot' now don't get me wrong they might be ok people but they have half merged with our group and most of us don't like them, they are annoying and young so everything they think is amazing and cool we've already done like 2 years ago haha.

But we deal with it and basically insult them till they go away :P

Might post some pictures of the place we hang out if i can find some good pictures of it.

Till next time.

Friday, May 6

Tresni -- College

I've spoken about my College a few times and have complained about the amount of work but at least I get a nice view when I'm getting my work done!
Unfortunately It's rather distracting as there are ducks and other animals out there as well making it entertaining to watch out there :D
Anyway this is the view I get when I'm busy getting on with my work, I haven't really gotten into the work that I do so I might as well tell you now, I take 3 BTEC's and 1 A Level (History blehh)

The courses I do are IT, Double IT and Ebusiness, Yes they are all basically the same thing just with different units as these are all 100% coursework which makes my coursework load MASSIVE along with the stupid History I need to learn but to be honest I've just about given up with History I'm not taking it next year so there's no point wasting time which I could be doing the coursework I'm constantly behind in.
The work isn't too hard its just the amount and the effort to get it done which I happen to fail at as surfing the web and finding new ways to do things the school doesn't want you to do becomes a much more entertaining task (Plus the view! :D)

So now you know what I do...what do you do/did you do? anything interesting? Comments ! :D

Till next time

Tresni -- Testing from College

OK we think we have found a way to post while in College which will mean the number of posts should increase, I am hoping that the other 4 eyes will be posting soon giving updates and such.

Just a small test post hope you check out this weeks Movie of the Week post :D


Thursday, May 5

Tresni -- Movie Of the Week 2

This Weeks Movie:

 Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels IMDB

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a 1998 British crime film, this film is a classic! a must watch! one of my favorite films ever and it has so many good actors in it!

Synopsis of the movie: 
Four London working class stiffs pool their money to put one in a high stakes card game, but things go wrong and they end up owing half a million pounds and having one week to come up with the cash.

Now this movie isn't one which a large number of people have actually watched, as the synopsis says it is based in London with 4 guys who have to find half a million pounds in a week or the guy they owe the money to will basically cut off their fingers daily till they pay back.
I don't know if all of you will like the film as it does have many violent scenes and drug references in it but to be honest it just makes the film so much better.

With actors like Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham and Jason Flemyng they just fit the characters that they portray perfectly, I'd recommend this film to anyone as its a great watch and definitely on my list of must watch!


If you like this you may also like:
- 2000
Very similar to Lock, Stock characters with a different story line written and directed by the same man: Guy Richie.

Anyway this movie of the week is a retro movie an older one compared to last time with the brand new movie Fast Five (if you haven't checked it out click here 'Fast Five Movie of the Week'

Thanks For Reading
I shall try to keep up to date :D

Tresni -- updates

Hoping someone will actually read this Lol Its kinda demotivating blogging and getting little or no views or comments.
thanks to those who do comment mainly my good friend zombie :) i will edit this later and link to his awesome blog.
nothing much in the world today been busy with work got surprised in history with a C grade on my mock didn't expect that was expecting something around the E area Lol
i have another post that i will put up tonight after a long time i finally got round to making a second movie of the week post so make sure you check It out :)
Ryukon is gunna try and post tonight aswell but he is insanely busy for most of this week.
Thanks for reading

Wednesday, May 4

Tresni -- WWE Extreme Rules

A quick post before bed, been watching WWE Extreme Rules just for some fun, I have began to watch it again after what must be 5 years of not watching it, I know most people think its crap and all fake etc but to be honest I know its fake but its still amazing when a guy lifts another who weighs like 300 lbs over their head and throws them etc. Its Entertainment for a reason xD
Anyway just a really quick post, if anyone wants to watch Extreme Rules here is the link:
Extreme Rules Online Free Stream
No Ads, No Surveys, I've done the hard work searching for it for you :D

Look for a big post tomorrow!

Tresni -- A wednesday full of work :(

Unfortunately the college i go to has decided to have blogger blocked from access while on the computers this makes blogging harder but with my phone working to use It for updating i should still be able to make some smaller blog posts :)
sitting in ebusiness and as always i get away with typing on my phone so openly Its funny, i've decided to try and get caught up with all my work as by the end of the school year i need to have 9 units (3foreachsubject) done to my target grade which means i have to do 6 units in basically 1 term haha looks like i am going to be up doing all nighters soon :) fun
anyway back to work now
will probably post again later

Tuesday, May 3

Tresni -- phone test

Ok i think this should work, i believe that i have got my phone to finally work with my gmail account so i can send emails to blogger and It should auto upload them however this is just a test so we shall see :)
today been out since the last quick post i did earlier wandering around my town getting shouted at by the local midget chavs and such Its funny how they think they are so cool shoutin shit and riding there gay little scooters haha :)
anyway just testing this now let me know what you think, always looking for something to blog about so give me ideas :)

Tresni -- Working

Hey guys, again sorry for lack of posts :(
Im currently working on a way to be able to blog affectively on my phone (Samsung S8000 'Jet') as it basically has no apps and is a complete fail xD
Anyway busy busy with coursework giving myself stupid deadlines like friday to finish a whole unit but i'm gunna try and do it to have people off my back about my lack of work.
If i can get my phone to be good with the blogging I might start doing small blogs just about what i'm doing or if I see something but this might mean many little crappy blogs so I don't know if i should.
what do you guys think?


Monday, May 2

[Imokim] Well, Here we are again.

Hey people.

It's been a while since my last post, sorry about that.
The blog is going pretty slow, we don't really seem to have much of a fan base and it is kind of affecting our morale as we see no real reason to post.

Anyway, I thought I'd make a post about how things have been going recently.
And I have to say..Pretty damn good.

Things are going great for once, and to top it all off Portal 2.
All I have to say on that note is Spaceeeeeeeeeeee.

Cave Johnson here.  Signing out.