Monday, May 9

[Ryukon] Replaced my biological battery!

Hey guys

Very sorry that I haven't posted much over the last month, I've had a lot of shit going down and I've not had much time to focus on anything else. I've literally spent the past month trying to stop my life from turning into a big steaming heap of shit. I won't disclose any details because no one cares and the sheer level of it will just blow your minds.

On another happier topic, I've got most of it under control now, and I've actually got some energy and morale back......

"So what Ryukon, what are you trying to tell us?"

What I'm saying is....


I may start doing a series on Need For Speed: Most Wanted, since I've been playing that a lot recently, but might start on Carbon instead. Who knows. Maybe even Portal 2. MAYBE even Minecraft.

I'll figure it out eventually.

Currently sitting in the library with Imokim to my left and Tresni to my right. I can feel eyes in the back of my head so I'm guessing my ex is staring at me at some points but whatever n_n.

When I get home I'll make an in depth post about a few things including the weekend away I had, this weekend and my life in general!

Once again, sorry to all of you that missed me (if anyone actually did...) and I'll be more active from now on, I promise!

Much love,
Ryukon ♥


sp3nny said...

post sth. about portal 2!

Zombie said...

hey its okay! Good to have you back!

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