Tuesday, May 10

Tresni -- Business as usual

As you can see we have finally got things back to business as usual, we are currently planning to have a number of weekly posts as well as smaller daily posts which we hope that you will enjoy reading and commenting on.

However there is some not so great news, as for the next two weeks we are off school (thats not the bad bit thats obviously awesome) but we have exams coming up very soon so I apologise in advance for any disturbances of the posts due to revising and taking the exams.

I am the lucky one as I only have my Two History Exams others have more, first one is next tuesday and second next thursday so I may post before that saying how i am likely to be failing haha :)


Anyway more posts later

Till next time



Zombie said...

Cant wait to see what you guys have in store!:D

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