Friday, May 6

Tresni -- College

I've spoken about my College a few times and have complained about the amount of work but at least I get a nice view when I'm getting my work done!
Unfortunately It's rather distracting as there are ducks and other animals out there as well making it entertaining to watch out there :D
Anyway this is the view I get when I'm busy getting on with my work, I haven't really gotten into the work that I do so I might as well tell you now, I take 3 BTEC's and 1 A Level (History blehh)

The courses I do are IT, Double IT and Ebusiness, Yes they are all basically the same thing just with different units as these are all 100% coursework which makes my coursework load MASSIVE along with the stupid History I need to learn but to be honest I've just about given up with History I'm not taking it next year so there's no point wasting time which I could be doing the coursework I'm constantly behind in.
The work isn't too hard its just the amount and the effort to get it done which I happen to fail at as surfing the web and finding new ways to do things the school doesn't want you to do becomes a much more entertaining task (Plus the view! :D)

So now you know what I do...what do you do/did you do? anything interesting? Comments ! :D

Till next time


choikesta said...

Nice view, looks like a peaceful place

Zombie said...

That is a very nice view!

sp3nny said...

looks amazing! wish my school had a view like that

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