Monday, May 9

Tresni -- Curry Tonight!

As the title says, Curry Tonight! :D
Ok you've probably gathered by now that I like curry, yes i like curry, lots.
so I decided to have it tonight woooooo, with those little Onion Bhajis on the side should be very nom'ilicous.
Yes that is a word now :) Maybe I shall start a dictionary as I keep making up new words...hmm what do you think?

Anyway just a crappy little post for now welcome back to Ryukon make sure you check out his new stuff when he posts it and much thanks to those who have commented over the last few days it really has been a motivation booster to us all.

Till next time


sp3nny said...

sounds tasty!

João Rodrigues said...

I love curry. +follow

Claude said...

I really do love curry, I prefer curry without bones too, bones makes it so I can't enjoy it so much, but it's true it makes it taste better. Gosh, everything's a compromise.

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