Wednesday, May 11

Tresni -- Magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Lorca (southern Spain)

Quick News Update:

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has toppled several buildings in southern Spain, near the town of Lorca, killing at least seven people, officials say.

''A moderate earthquake measuring around 4.5 had hit Lorca, causing buildings to shake and damaging private houses and buildings.

Approximately two hours later, the larger quake struck near Lorca, reportedly causing the roof of a nursing home to collapse, damaging a number of other buildings and splitting the tower of the church of Santiago in the town.''

 Currently it is unknown how many people have lost their lives and how many homes and buildings have been damaged or destroyed due to this natural disaster.

It seems lately more and more natural disasters are occurring, with people being suspicous of 2012 and the 'End of the World' doesn't it seem a bit weird how all these things are happening now, and more as we get closer to the time?.

Prayers and Aide going to all those effected.
Hopefully there are no more after having two in a row the damage must be extensive.

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Alixander said...

More earthquakes, huh?

sp3nny said...

oh boy, not another one

sp3nny said...

oh man...not again

Isubored said...

the worlds gonna end :(

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