Saturday, May 7

Tresni -- Saturday's in Town

Only a small post today sorry guys, im getting ready to go into town with mates today and might be going to a party after so i doubt i will get around to making another post unless its from my phone.
Every Saturday the group goes into town we don't really have any plans we all just turn up and what happens happens :D it's a lot of fun and just great to hang out with everyone but lately a lot more people have been coming who we call 'the new lot' now don't get me wrong they might be ok people but they have half merged with our group and most of us don't like them, they are annoying and young so everything they think is amazing and cool we've already done like 2 years ago haha.

But we deal with it and basically insult them till they go away :P

Might post some pictures of the place we hang out if i can find some good pictures of it.

Till next time.


logo mess said...

Have a good time! Chill out :)

Zombie said...

Those are the best nights! No plans and a lot of fun!

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