Tuesday, May 10

[Ryukon] School. ;_;

Hey guys,

Sitting in I.T, Imokim to my left, Tresni to my right (seems to be a pattern there... xD) and I'm boooored. We've got another 15 minutes or so of this lesson and then we've got assembly. But after that, free period! Yipee! :D

Tonight I'm going to weigh up my options, and I'll finalise a topic specific to moi :D I'm not quite sure what you guys want to see so I'll just throw something up and hope you like it!

Just a quick one to say that you get to see my lovely literature tonight. ;)

Ryukon ♥


Zombie said...

You should be paying attention in class rather than blogging! lol. Just kidding! :p

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