Sunday, April 10

[Craig] Post numero two!

Hey everyone!

The last week has been pretty tense for me, because of various things. I made an idiotic mistake on friday that could have potentially fucked everything up for me but it didn't and I'm so happy that it didn't. Basically, not being used to change almost destroyed what I could have had. Fair to say I learnt from that mistake.

After getting home on Friday, I had "it's your fault" shoved down my throat again. So, the bitch got blocked and deleted for good. It's taken so much to make me realise she's the spawn of the devil, but hey, life's got it's challenges.

Last weekend was amazing, spent both days with a wonderful girl, didn't stop smiling! Lots of hugs, a few kisses and lots of laughter! Today made the end to the past week a lot more enjoyable, and hopefully sunday (the real today) will be just as good, if not better.

Very long story short, today (09/04/11), I took a chance and asked the girl I like out. I'll let the picture do the talking; :D <3

On another note, the stress of coursework is slowly lifting as I complete more and more of it. I'm only worried about my physics now to be honest. It should be ok if I work on it when I get back from seeing my girlfriend though!

I'm not sure what to say really other than right now I'm loving my life, and Andrea <3 I lost hope, but hope brought back it's friends. Faith, determination, and happiness. <3

I've been doing a few livestreams of Crysis2, LoL, Minecraft, the lot. Link is for anyone interested!

More detailed post later when I get back from Corby!

Now I need sleep, gotta be wonderful tomorrow! Night people,

-Craig <3


Glovey said...

Great post! I hope you keep up this excellent blogging! :)

Discovery Underground said...

Magnificent post! Your life seems interesting :)

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