Thursday, April 14

Tresni -- Great day!....

Ok its a lie, not a great day.
Today i found out that someone i used to be good friends with is spreading that i kissed his girlfriend and thats why he hates me, yeah sure when i haven't seen her in like 18 months and during the time i knew her we were good mates but nothing more. Now he just spreading  it around with people hating me.

So a crap blog post today sorry guys :/
Cant think about what to post and not in the best of moods, got any ideas for what I can post I'd be glad to read it and see if I have anything to say about it.



Living cheap said...

hope things will get better :)
and why doesnt his girlfriend say it aint true?

Body1 said...

Cool post BRO!!


Butcher Bradley said...

This is where true friends come in to play. To believe or not to believe.

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