Wednesday, April 6

New blogness!!

Ok guys and gals, ladies and elephants.
New blog, new start, new ideas, successful? hope so! :D

First of all I'd like to introduce myself, I am Tresni two of the six eyes.
Currently I believe I will be blogging about general stuff and interesting things I find, maybe I'll start some specialised stuff later on.
I'm a guy before people start getting confused xD, in college working in IT and well basically IT.
I spend most my time on computers working or watching youtube videos by some awesome tubers (you will get to know my favorites in time).

We here at SixEyes hope you follow and Comment on the posts we make and we will try to keep them interesting!

I believe the others will be posting a first post soon.
Hopefully this blog will kick off :D

Thankness for reading, post a comment, share with your friends, blog it! loves to all who do.



Zombie said...

Yay for new blog! :D

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