Sunday, April 10

God Damn..

Hello People!

Today has been a pretty epic day.  Been customising my iPhone which now looks bloody sexy (will upload pics soon).

*writers block* (I suck at this)

Also, Cadets.  I had a band performance today, doing a drum routine for the SCC Mess Dinner and I have to say..It went well!
Until I forgot the solo that I was meant to be playing..  That kinda sucked. I remembered it in the end and it turned out pretty well.
Might upload a few vids of me playing it sooner or later, but that will be for another time.

Good night people.

Also, here's a picture of me being a cadet and stuff.



Zombie said...

Cool pic man!

Claude said...

Aw man where are the pics of your iPhone? I want to see what you've been doing to sex it up, I've been trying to make my iPod touch look good but I'm hesitant to install winterboard(was it?).

Tresni said...

--Claude: don't be hesitant about installing winterboard, it wont do any damage to your ipod and if your unhappy with it you can just stop it and it all goes back to normal. its great fun messing around with it as well :D. I think Imokim might dedicate a post to it talking about how to use it and what he's done with it so keep your eyes pealed :)

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