Monday, April 11

Tresni Daily Post: 04: Monday 11th April

An early daily post for me today everyone :)
normally I will wait till the evening to write them as there is more likely to be more things to blog about but as I am just stilling in the library with Ryukon I decided to do a post, no plan, no ideas, just to type whatever comes to my head.


Yeah thats failing maybe I should acutally plan something?
Any ideas?

hmm what have I been up to? being lazy and half asleep in most classes today, I should be working on a load of coursework but nah I'd rather write a blog for you.

A little news on my part, I'm hoping to get a job soon working at Rockingham Motor Speedway a few times a month, it wont be great pay or guarenteed work but hey money is money and the job isnt too bad I get to see the bikes/cars and get up close and see them, maybe even the chance of some free tickets!
Basically I will be working with another guy testing the bikes/cars before they are allowed on the track for their sound as Rockingham Speedway has sound limitations which have to be enforced which is our job, Not a lot to do and it means getting up at like 5:45 in the morning when i am working but like I've said money is money and it should be a good experience and more to add to my CV! :D

Currently listening to: Operate, Annihilate - Powerman 5000
A great band, not many people heard of them but defonately worth a listen!

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Zombie said...

Its too early to be postin! lol.

Fred Rickerson said...

Early bird gets the worm! Or in this case watch all the badass cars.

Perhaps you could take some video?

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