Wednesday, May 4

Tresni -- WWE Extreme Rules

A quick post before bed, been watching WWE Extreme Rules just for some fun, I have began to watch it again after what must be 5 years of not watching it, I know most people think its crap and all fake etc but to be honest I know its fake but its still amazing when a guy lifts another who weighs like 300 lbs over their head and throws them etc. Its Entertainment for a reason xD
Anyway just a really quick post, if anyone wants to watch Extreme Rules here is the link:
Extreme Rules Online Free Stream
No Ads, No Surveys, I've done the hard work searching for it for you :D

Look for a big post tomorrow!


Claude said...

WWE is always entertaining to watch, who cares if it's so obviously fake? It's acting, you don't complain that the movie you're watching is fake do you?

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