Sunday, May 8

Tresni -- F1 Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park

F1 or Formula One is a great racing championship that takes place worldwide, I believe most people will have heard of it so I won't be describing everything in detail.
Right now the Turkish Grand Prix is live at Istanbul Park (Link Below)

Live Watch
With the two Red Bull Racing drivers in 1st and 2nd the race looks let for a 1/2 finish for Red Bull however the race can change in any way so there is no real way to say for sure.

This is what I'm doing for the next few hours watching this and then I am hoping afterwards to be getting to see my girl :D I won't go all soppy like Ryukon does I'll leave the soppy posts to him haha.

Anyway hoping for a good race and a good day, sun shining, little sleep after crashing at the party last night, gotta love cooking BBQ food and chilling for most the night :D somehow we managed to spend most the night sitting on the kitchen floor which was quite entertaining.

Might do a quick post later and looking for a Movie of the week post as well.
Till next time


choikesta said...

Thanks fir the info

Zombie said...

F1 is much better than our nascar over here! lol.

Imokim said...

Damn right it is, Zombie :P

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